Fuel Surcharge For The Week Ending 02/29/2020 is 25%

Employment Opportunities

Shea Trucking is looking for quality people to join our team!

If your interested in future employment with Shea Trucking, please e-mail us and we will promptly respond to any request.


Even with the instability in the trucking field, and never employing a sales staff, Shea continues to grow. Much of that can be attributed to the fact that when you call Shea, there's a pretty good possibility you'll be speaking with one of the owners. Brother Rich (President), Jim and Chris run the day to day operations mindful of the adage "You are only as good as your last delivery." If that means coming in early, staying late to load trucks, or getting in the truck to deliver your important shipment, they will be there - their business and your business depends on it.